Meet the Aussie brand who’s made the switch because of you.

Australian food manufacturer The Food Company has made the important switch to only sourcing cage-free eggs in their products thanks to your encouragement.

This is great news for both consumers and hens.

“The Food Company have recognised the consumer movement for industry to review the sourcing of its eggs.

Here at The Food Company we have taken up the challenge and replaced those products containing egg with non-caged eggs, commencing September 2014.

It is hoped that our endeavours in modifying our recipes to cater for non-caged egg will encourage other food manufacturers to take up the challenge and do the same.”

The RSPCA congratulates The Food Company on their leadership and commitment to helping Set a Sister Free and make a real difference for Australian hens.

The Food Company’s sauces and condiments now contain cage-free eggs, so you have a choice to enjoy higher welfare toppings - keep an eye out for them in your supermarket.